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The Assisted Voluntary Return

The assisted voluntary return
The Assisted Voluntary Return provides those migrants, who are no longer willing or no longer entitled to stay in Italy, with the possibility of returning to their own country of origin and of being supported in the reintegration path.


The Assisted Voluntary Return with Reintegration measure provides third-country nationals with the opportunity to return to their country of origin through an individual project, which includes pre-departure counselling, logistic and financial assistance for the journey, assistance to the social and economic reintegration in the country of origin.

Those migrants, who decide to return to their country of origin through the active AVR&R project and fulfil the requirements provided for to get  access to  the program, receive the following assistance:

  • a guidance service to the measure and, where appropriate, psychological support in order to draw a profile of the applicant and to highlight the reasons for the return;
  • the support and coverage of the required expenses for the issue of the travel document, which has to be requested at the Consulate of the country of origin;
  • the assistance in the journey organization and the coverage of the relevant costs up to the final destination;
  • the health assistance up to the final destination, if necessary and following a medical assessment, for those migrants suffering from attested pathologies;
  • the definition of the individual reintegration plan for every person/family group to be returned, also in synergy with eventual cooperation projects and, whenever provided for, with Frontex;
  • the provision of a first accommodation grant, useful for  the  immediate costs to be incurred upon return (for ex. transfers within the country), which is provided in cash to the migrant, either  before the departure or immediately upon arrival;
  • an economic in-kind  contribution in the country of origin, in order to ease  the social reintegration  and the job placement of the returnee.