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Regional Development Protection Programme for North Africa



The RDP Programme includes a Protection component and a Development component, and its goal is to reinforce the protection of migrants and refugees by improving their living conditions and by offering them achievable and meaningful alternatives to irregular migration across the central Mediterranean route. The Programme also supports migrant-friendly inclusive services, social cohesion and employment opportunities at community level, enhancing advocacy, research and knowledge-sharing.

The Protection component of the Programme, which has reached its fourth phase, since 2016 has been funding This component is managed by a Consortium of EU Member States led by Italy with the participation of Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain and Sweden.

The Consortium and the European Commission meet twice a year in Steering Committees to monitor projects’ implementation, review achievements and challenges and select new activities for funding.

Main supported activities (priorities indicated annually by DG HOME and approved by the Consortium):

Registration, Refugee Status Determination and Durable Solutions for asylum-seekers and refugees

Child Protection for children on the move

Direct Assistance for migrants and refugees, including: distribution of food  and non-food items, medical, legal and psychosocial assistance, Assisted Voluntary Returns and Reintegration (AVRR) to  the countries of origin, rehabilitation of reception facilities

Capacity building initiatives in support of national Governments, NGOs and civil society organizations with a specific focus  on human rights standards, international protection and services for vulnerable migrants and refugees

Awareness raising activities on the risks related to irregular migration and access to international protection